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Digital Virtual Consumption?

Barely a decade old, the twenty-first century has already seen a host of radical changes to the way cultural goods and media are produced, distributed, and consumed. Social media, the proliferation of mobile and wireless technology, media convergence, sharing services such as YouTube, touch- and motion-sensitive interfaces, apps and app markets, digital media—each has altered our expectations of what a cultural good is and how it should be used while together re-fashioning the internet as the primary forum for cultural consumption and exchange. Over the last decade, cultural goods have thus increasingly found themselves assuming a digital dimension as they migrate from factory production lines and retail shelving space to corporate servers and digital storefronts. Such migration is not simple, of course, and many questions remain as to how consumers use such goods, how they understand them in relation to their physical counterparts (are they a supplement or a replacement?), and how much they are willing to pay for them.

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DC Universe Online: 9 Days In

For the last two years, the gaming press has shown particular interest in Sony Entertainment’s DC Universe Online, an in-the-works massively multi-player online game (MMOG) that promised, with its physics-based gaming engine and simultaneous PC/console release, to shake up the MMOG market. Could a real-time action MMOG attract consumers turned off by traditional MMOGs’ roleplaying mechanics? Could its release on the PS3 usher in a new era of console-based MMOGs? After numerous delays (and $50 million in pre-launch production costs), speculators are beginning to get their answers; DC Universe Online launched on January 11, 2011, selling out quickly at major retailers (at the time of writing, Amazon had no stock) and requiring additional servers by day 5.

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